Monthly Archives: January 2018

7 – Increasing Empathy

What does empathy mean?  And how do we increase it? Contrasted to sympathy, empathy is a lot deeper. Empathy is when you actually put yourself, as best you can, into that person’s shoes. You’re connecting with their emotions. It’s something that’s shared, and non-judgmental. In each episode, Jeff and Eric will talk about what emotional … Continue reading 7 – Increasing Empathy

Spirit of EQ – Engaging Intrinsic Motivation

Spirit of EQ – Engaging Intrinsic Motivation Eric Pennington: Welcome to The Spirit Of EQ podcast. We’re going to talk about engaging intrinsic motivation. With me today, as always, is Jeff East. Intrinsic motivation. I’m familiar with the motivation part. But tell us a little bit about what intrinsic motivation is. Jeff East: We need … Continue reading Spirit of EQ – Engaging Intrinsic Motivation

6 – Engaging Intrinsic Motivation

Jeff and Eric discuss engaging intrinsic motivation, the motivation that comes from within you, within who you are. Most people are driven by extrinsic motivation. It’s more powerful, but it’s not the most important. Jeff talks about two high-profile examples, NBA star LeBron James and Neil Peart, from the band Rush. In each episode, Jeff … Continue reading 6 – Engaging Intrinsic Motivation

Spirit of EQ – Exercising Optimism

Spirit of EQ – Exercising Optimism Eric Pennington: This is the Spirit Of EQ Podcast. In today’s podcast, we’re going to be talking about exercising optimism. Jeff, how are you? Jeff East: I am optimistic that this is going to be our best one yet. Eric: I love it. This probably will be because you’re … Continue reading Spirit of EQ – Exercising Optimism

5- Exercising Optimism

Jeff and Eric discuss exercising optimism, taking a proactive perspective of hope and possibilities. Being proactive. And your perspective includes hope and possibilities. Being an optimist is not really complicated. You just need to be honest with yourself in each situation. When you learn how to be optimistic, you have a little bit more ownership, or … Continue reading 5- Exercising Optimism