Spirit of EQ – Learning Philosophies

Learning Philosophies

Wisdom Lives Within

People learn best when they construct meaning vs. if we “tell them the secret.” This is about blossoming and unfolding, growing and transforming.

No Way Is The Way

There is no such thing as “1 size fits all,” so we need to differentiate and personalize.  We need flexibility and space for people to develop authentic, powerful, individual solutions.

The Process Is The Content

Optimal learning comes from role modeling; talk the talk + walk the walk.  Create a powerful learning process of Engage, Activate and Reflect.

1,2,3 Pasta!

Powerful learning comes to life through action; it’s not only an internal process.

Fish Don’t Talk About Water

While distress undermines learning, some stress is valuable; this means learners and facilitators need to move out the comfort zone into the stretch zone.

Emotions Drive People

We don’t create meaning with emotion or analysis alone; optimal learning integrates feeling + thinking.


Here are some tips for effective questioning:

  • Ask question that matter
  • Pace your questions
  • Prepare specific, powerful question
  • Ask one good question and wait
  • Pre-load the thinking on tough questions
  • Reflect instead of judging