Jeremy Jensen, Dubuque Police Department – Preview

Jeremy Jensen is the Assistant Chief of Police of the Dubuque Police Department.

He has been in law enforcement for 28 years and has spent the last 25 years in Dubuque, where he has
worked in patrol, traffic, criminal investigations, tactical operations, community policing, training, and internal affairs.

What the Dubuque Police Department has done by implementing Emotional Intelligence into their training has changed the culture inside the department, as well as how the department works with the citizen of their city.  In our next episode, Jeremy talks in detail on why this came about, the support from community and local government, and how the department has grown for doing so.

In each episode, Jeff and Eric will talk about what emotional intelligence, or understanding your emotions, can do for you in your daily and work life. For more information, contact Jeff at, or go to their website, Spirit of EQ.

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