D-1 College Athlete and EQ – Preview

In our next episode, we had the opportunity to speak with Dan DeLucia, Pitching Coach for The Ohio State University Buckeyes Baseball team. How do 18 or 19-year old young men, just out of high school, handle the pressures of playing sports and college life.  How does EQ come into play when coaches help them adjust?

Here’s a preview of what Coach DeLucia had to say…

“A lot of it, when they come, in is mental. And it’s that finding what their drivers are. We’ll have weekly pitchers’ meetings where we’re not talking baseball, we’re talking more than that.

A friend of mine brought this to my attention a year or two ago, this concept of MVP.

Mission. Vision. Purpose.

I use that with our guys and I’ve done it personally. I would encourage people to do it personally. To figure out, outside of baseball, why do you wake up every day? What are you doing internally that influences those choices that we’re talking about?

We’ll sit down and go through pitchers’ meetings and just talk about them as people. So when they’re up on the mound, like you said, like Mariano Rivera is up on the mound in front of 50,000 people in the stands, and millions on TV in game seven of the World Series. How is he able to throw that cutter ball and not worry about what’s going to happen?

Clearly the best in the game have some physical attributes that a lot of people can’t replicate, but internally, they’re so secure with who they are, and that no matter what happens, good or bad, they’re still going to be the same person when they get out of bed the next day.

So it’s the those measures that we really try to instill into our guys. Who are you? Know yourself in and out really, really well.”

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