33 – The Future of Work with Special Guest Holly Custard, PhD

Holly Custard is deputy director of institute partnerships and outreach at the Strada Institute for the Future of Work, where she engages with stakeholders to raise awareness and inspire action through the Institute’s research and insights. Her work focuses on fostering the development of infrastructure that supports robust, connected and purposeful learning and career outcomes.

In this episode, we talk with Holly about the future of what work might look like for us post pandemic. She covers a variety of areas that, as we exit the pandemic, should be incorporated into our workplace.

A system should be designed that helps us transition into new jobs or careers.  She outlines 5 areas that should be focused on.

The big question is, will corporate embrace this change?  Education vs skills is at the core of this conversation.  Unpack what are the jobs, and what are the skills needed.  Communicate what is needed from both the educational experience and skills needed, and how this can be a better result for both the employer and employee.

How does EQ work into this, the hiring process, especially skills?

Are we now entering a unique opportunity, to shape the future?  What have what we need to implement these concepts, but it will take all of us to recognize them, and work together.

Remember the term “working learner.” How do we put that person at the center of all we do. We have to start to understand what is going on with employees in a structural, systematic way (EMPATHY!).

And as the employee, without self-awareness of your personal history, it is difficult to move forward with a new career or job path.

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