34 – Working on You

Now that we are into the second half of the year, how is it going for YOU? How is it going as you work on you?

New Year’s Resolutions are now more than six months old.  Many of yours may been broken in just a few short weeks.  Others, a couple of months. The desire, the fire, is just gone.

But the ones that really mean something are probably still being worked on today. If you’re in that place, your emotional intelligence can maybe either reignite you or may potentially just keep you going.

Hurdles you may be running up against are when we self-judge ourselves, or even judge others. Judgment decision are not only easy, but they are quick. And that’s dangerous because when that happens, you’re operating on very, very limited information.

And this is where we should let our curiosity take over.  Ask questions, be informed, and understand why you shouldn’t come to judge yourself, or others, too quickly. That opens up more choices, more options. It gives you the ability to leverage one of the competencies of empathy. As Eric likes to put it,

“It’s intellectually lazy to be judgmental.”

Curiosity says you care enough and you want to do the work of understanding what’s going on. And that work might take you someplace uncomfortable. You might have to do some self-examination.

The power of curiosity goes hand-in-hand with self-empathy. It gives you that ability to say “I’m not a failure.”

Self-examination, self exploration, can help you to start thinking of consequences and thinking through consequential thinking. So that you continue down the same path, the consequences are going to be the same. So what do you have to do to make those consequences come out the way you want?

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