38 – Special Guest Andy Frank

Andy Frank will be joining with us to talk about technology, instruction and managing the home life in the era of COVID-19.

We discuss some of the things that influenced his decision to move from instruction back into software engineering development.

I have to know that we’re impacting and changing lives. That’s what really motivates me to have the opportunity to change lots of people’s lives.

How are we going to make the biggest impact in this limited amount of time that we have while we’re on this earth?

Andy sees the full gamut of emotion from all of the bootcamp students at Tech Elevator. Extreme happiness and extreme sadness, sometimes Andrew Frank on Spirit of EQ podcastextreme frustration. It’s not just the economic impact.  You have students who have children.  And their children are able to see them go through that program and see them accomplish something that’s a really tough 14-week program. All of this

Everyone always has their own unique perspective, their own motivation, their own intrinsic motivator. Sometimes is it’s an extrinsic motivator. Sometimes it is financial.

Throughout his technical journey, Andrew Frank has had the opportunity to solve complex business problems as a Developer, Architect, Development Manager, and Technical Lead at companies ranging from startups to established enterprises.

Technologically, he has had the chance to work with many technologies and frameworks, including ASP.NET, C#, GraphQL, Ruby, PHP, JavaScript, Angular, and Vue JS.

Along the way, he has also had the privilege and joy to coach and mentor developers looking to establish and further their careers in meaningful ways.

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