About Jeff and Eric

Life is a Journey…Spirit Of EQ helps shape and guide the road ahead for individuals, leaders, teams, and organizations wanting to realize their full potential through emotional intelligence.

In each episode, your hosts Jeff East and Eric Pennington will talk about what emotional intelligence, or understanding your emotions, can do for you in your daily and work life.

More about Jeff – 

Jeff had worked in the Integrated Pest Management industry for over 38 years. He has been responsible for serving large food manufacturing facilities and individual single-family homes. He was responsible for ensuring large accounts meet many different standards. Jeff enjoyed sharing his knowledge with fellow employees and his customers. He recently retired from this industry to be able to devote more time to EQ.

Jeff believes that each person has at their center something that is “A work of Art”. His greatest pleasure is helping someone find the art that is buried deep within. These opportunities can come from EQ work, his career in Pest Control, his work in spiritual areas such as local mission and prison work, or just someone whom he meets in the street. This belief has helped him define his Noble Goal along these lines.

He has seen in himself and in others how working on Emotional Intelligence can allow people to look inside themselves and see the hidden art that makes them special.

Jeff’s experience and training include:

  • Associate degree in Agriculture Business from Clark State
  • Certified Lay Speaker in the United Methodist Church
  • Trained leader for Disciple Bible Study
  • Held licensure as Certified Pest Control Operator in 7 states
  • Over 20 Years’ experience with Kairos Prison ministry, Including several advisory councils and weekend leader
  • Co-leader at Everyday People Ministries
  • Six Seconds Certified EQ Assessor
More about Eric – 

Eric Pennington is the entrepreneur and dreamer behind Epic Living, LLC, a people development company that helps organizations and individuals discover their well-being, professional and personal growth potential. The group accomplishes it’s objectives via one-to-one coaching, consulting and workshop sessions. Eric has over fifteen years of practical management and leadership experience inside Fortune 500 and charitable organizations. Some of those organizations include Bank One, Huntington National Bank, The Gathering and Grace Brethren Fellowship.


For more information, contact Jeff at jeff@spiritofeq.com, or go to their website, Spirit of EQ.

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