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35 – Under Pressure Pt 1

Who isn’t under pressure right now, during the midst of a world pandemic? On top of our normal life pressures. In this episode, we consider what does it mean to be under pressure. Is there good to come from it? Can we leverage it? We mention to check out our earlier episodes on the competencies.  … Continue reading 35 – Under Pressure Pt 1

34 – Working on You

Now that we are into the second half of the year, how is it going for YOU? How is it going as you work on you? New Year’s Resolutions are now more than six months old.  Many of yours may been broken in just a few short weeks.  Others, a couple of months. The desire, … Continue reading 34 – Working on You

31 – D-1 College Athlete, Life Lessons and EQ with Special Guest Dan DeLucia

We had the opportunity to speak with Dan DeLucia, Pitching Coach for The Ohio State University Buckeyes Baseball team. How do 18 or 19-year old young men, just out of high school, handle the pressures of playing sports and college life.  How does EQ come into play when coaches help them adjust?  Coach DeLucia gives … Continue reading 31 – D-1 College Athlete, Life Lessons and EQ with Special Guest Dan DeLucia

What’s Wrong With Leadership Development – Preview

In our next episode we talk with Perry Maughmer, Chair for Vistage International in Central Ohio, about his role in developing leaders – or how he dissuades many from taking on this role. In each episode, Jeff and Eric will talk about what emotional intelligence, or understanding your emotions, can do for you in your … Continue reading What’s Wrong With Leadership Development – Preview

24 – Leadership and The Art of Leading a Motorcycle Group Ride

Jeff brings to life how leadership plays a key role in the art of leading a motorcycle group ride.  And how the examples from that leadership role can be used in business organizations. “As a leader, you need to have a goal of where you want to end, you need to set the expectations, like … Continue reading 24 – Leadership and The Art of Leading a Motorcycle Group Ride

16 – The Myth Of Perfection

What we want to talk about in this episode is “perfection.” We’re not talking about trying to be good, to try to be the best, doing the best job. What we’re talking going to talk about today is what happens when it’s not perfect, when you don’t make the perfect decision or complete the task … Continue reading 16 – The Myth Of Perfection

15 – Better Decision Making

Better decision making is a skill that should be practiced every day.  In this episode, Jeff and Eric talk more about our thoughts, habits, and actions that all come into play on how you can practice better decision making through specific aspects of emotional intelligence. Additional episodes you will want to listen to include Recognizing … Continue reading 15 – Better Decision Making

9 – A Business Case Study in EQ

Jeff and Eric welcome a very special guest today, Matt Vaive.  Matt talks about his experiences using Spirit of EQ with his employees.  The results supplied him with ideas of what his employees’ strength and weaknesses are, and some ideas of things that he can do to try to help them to become more balanced. … Continue reading 9 – A Business Case Study in EQ

3 – Applying Consequential Thinking

Jeff and Eric discuss consequential thinking, and how this helps you focus on the outcome you are striving for. You’ll learn more about applying consequential thinking as a skill to think through a process, and how it allows you to understand the emotions of the situation. You’ll learn more about “responding” versus “reacting” to a … Continue reading 3 – Applying Consequential Thinking