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27 – How EQ Can Change Your Life

Happy New Year!  And to kick off your new year, we are offering $100 off our SEI EQ Assessment, that’s our full emotional intelligence assessment. That also includes a debrief to explaining the assessment. Send us an email. Put in the subject line, “podcast offer.” No matter where you call home, we will contact … Continue reading 27 – How EQ Can Change Your Life

22 – Success and Emotional Intelligence

Success. It’s a word that most people are immediately attracted to, because everybody wants to be successful. But some definitions or clarifications are important here. Success is not just you making tons of money. But it also might mean that you see that third world country get clean running water, and the organization that you … Continue reading 22 – Success and Emotional Intelligence

20 – Managing Relationships

Jeff and Eric tackle the idea of managing relationships.  As you continue to grow in understanding your emotions, those around you probably haven’t been shown the “tools” like you have been exposed to and are using.  How do you grow in your emotional intelligence while others around you are not? Two past episodes to go … Continue reading 20 – Managing Relationships

19 – The Myth Of Winning

Jeff and Eric “reframe” the idea of winning, outside of the world of sports. Here is a link to the article about Emotional Aikido, mentioned in the podcast. A great past episode to go back and listen to compliment this episode is Enhancing Emotional Intelligence. In each episode, Jeff and Eric will talk about what … Continue reading 19 – The Myth Of Winning

17 – Being Self-Aware

The way we’re being bombarded with social media, we’re being told what we’re supposed to be and who we’re supposed to be, instead of actually being who we really are. Being self-aware is going to allow you to make choices based on who you really are. What is at the core of you. When you’re … Continue reading 17 – Being Self-Aware

16 – The Myth Of Perfection

What we want to talk about in this episode is “perfection.” We’re not talking about trying to be good, to try to be the best, doing the best job. What we’re talking going to talk about today is what happens when it’s not perfect, when you don’t make the perfect decision or complete the task … Continue reading 16 – The Myth Of Perfection

12 – How To Cope With Feelings Of Failure

Knowing that we have failed spectacularly can leave us feeling devastated.  In this episode, Jeff and Eric cover some ways to come to grips with our thoughts on failure.  This episode isn’t so much about actions to take when you have experienced a failure, but more to do with the feelings you might be dealing … Continue reading 12 – How To Cope With Feelings Of Failure

11 – How Well Do You Know Yourself

Jeff and Eric help you to explore how well do you know yourself, and how it pertains to emotional intelligence. In each episode, Jeff and Eric will talk about what emotional intelligence, or understanding your emotions, can do for you in your daily and work life.For more information, contact Jeff at, or go to … Continue reading 11 – How Well Do You Know Yourself

9 – A Business Case Study in EQ

Jeff and Eric welcome a very special guest today, Matt Vaive.  Matt talks about his experiences using Spirit of EQ with his employees.  The results supplied him with ideas of what his employees’ strength and weaknesses are, and some ideas of things that he can do to try to help them to become more balanced. … Continue reading 9 – A Business Case Study in EQ

8 – Pursuing Noble Goals

What is a noble goal? “Connecting your daily choices with your overarching sense of purpose.” Your sense of purpose becomes your noble goal. Your true sense of purpose is your noble goal. And learn why it’s something that you’ll never achieve in your lifetime. In this episode of The Spirit of EQ, Jeff and Eric … Continue reading 8 – Pursuing Noble Goals