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9 – A Business Case Study in EQ

Jeff and Eric welcome a very special guest today, Matt Vaive.  Matt talks about his experiences using Spirit of EQ with his employees.  The results supplied him with ideas of what his employees’ strength and weaknesses are, and some ideas of things that he can do to try to help them to become more balanced. … Continue reading 9 – A Business Case Study in EQ

8 – Pursuing Noble Goals

What is a noble goal? “Connecting your daily choices with your overarching sense of purpose.” Your sense of purpose becomes your noble goal. Your true sense of purpose is your noble goal. And learn why it’s something that you’ll never achieve in your lifetime. In this episode of The Spirit of EQ, Jeff and Eric … Continue reading 8 – Pursuing Noble Goals

7 – Increasing Empathy

What does empathy mean?  And how do we increase it? Contrasted to sympathy, empathy is a lot deeper. Empathy is when you actually put yourself, as best you can, into that person’s shoes. You’re connecting with their emotions. It’s something that’s shared, and non-judgmental. In each episode, Jeff and Eric will talk about what emotional … Continue reading 7 – Increasing Empathy

6 – Engaging Intrinsic Motivation

Jeff and Eric discuss engaging intrinsic motivation, the motivation that comes from within you, within who you are. Most people are driven by extrinsic motivation. It’s more powerful, but it’s not the most important. Jeff talks about two high-profile examples, NBA star LeBron James and Neil Peart, from the band Rush. In each episode, Jeff … Continue reading 6 – Engaging Intrinsic Motivation

5- Exercising Optimism

Jeff and Eric discuss exercising optimism, taking a proactive perspective of hope and possibilities. Being proactive. And your perspective includes hope and possibilities. Being an optimist is not really complicated. You just need to be honest with yourself in each situation. When you learn how to be optimistic, you have a little bit more ownership, or … Continue reading 5- Exercising Optimism

4- Navigating Emotions

Jeff and Eric discuss navigating your emotions, and how you can use this as a strategic resource in recognizing what your emotions do, and what other’s emotions do as well. When you can assess the strength of an emotion, you can then use it as a strategic resource to work toward a better outcome to … Continue reading 4- Navigating Emotions

3 – Applying Consequential Thinking

Jeff and Eric discuss consequential thinking, and how this helps you focus on the outcome you are striving for. You’ll learn more about applying consequential thinking as a skill to think through a process, and how it allows you to understand the emotions of the situation. You’ll learn more about “responding” versus “reacting” to a … Continue reading 3 – Applying Consequential Thinking

2 – Recognizing Patterns

What does “recognizing patterns” mean? Understanding “if this happens…I do that.” In other words, how you respond to situations. Neural pathways are created when you react the same way, time after time. These pathways can be re-written – but don’t get erased. Here is a link to our episode, Enhancing Emotional Literacy. “Pushing a person’s … Continue reading 2 – Recognizing Patterns

1- Enhancing Emotional Literacy

What is emotional literacy? Our emotions are chemical. When you are confronted, your body dumps chemicals into your brain. These chemicals get you ready for fight, flight, freeze or flock. The job of the emotion is to give you information. But our emotions are neutral – it’s what you do with those emotions that causes … Continue reading 1- Enhancing Emotional Literacy

Intro Episode

Welcome to the intro episode of the Spirit of EQ Podcast, with your hosts Jeff East and Eric Pennington.  In each episode, Jeff and Eric will talk about what emotional intelligence, or understanding your emotions, can do for you in your daily and work life. For more information, contact Jeff at, or go to … Continue reading Intro Episode