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Refining Your Noble Goal

Refining your purpose, or your noble goal. Another way to look at your purpose is two words that we use in the Six Second model emotional intelligence called Noble Goal. A Noble Goal is what defines who you are. It’s a goal that is not achievable. It’s not a goal, like I want to be … Continue reading Refining Your Noble Goal

Managing Relationships

Jeff and Eric tackle the idea of managing relationships.  As you continue to grow in understanding your emotions, those around you probably haven’t been shown the “tools” like you have been exposed to and are using.  How do you grow in your emotional intelligence while others around you are not? Two past episodes to go … Continue reading Managing Relationships

Spirit Of EQ – The Myth Of Perfection

What we want to talk about in this episode is “perfection.” We’re not talking about trying to be good, to try to be the best, doing the best job. What we’re talking going to talk about today is what happens when it’s not perfect, when you don’t make the perfect decision or complete the task … Continue reading Spirit Of EQ – The Myth Of Perfection

Spirit of EQ – Better Decision Making

Better decision making is a skill that should be practiced every day.  In this episode, Jeff and Eric talk more about our thoughts, habits, and actions that all come into play on how you can practice better decision making through specific aspects of emotional intelligence. Additional episodes you will want to listen to include Recognizing … Continue reading Spirit of EQ – Better Decision Making

Engaging Intrinsic Motivation

In this episode of The Spirit of EQ, Jeff and Eric discuss engaging intrinsic motivation, the motivation that comes from within you, within who you are. Most people are driven by extrinsic motivation. It’s more powerful, but it’s not the most important. Jeff talks about two high-profile examples, NBA star LeBron James and Neil Peart, … Continue reading Engaging Intrinsic Motivation

Recognizing Patterns

In this episode of The Spirit of EQ, Jeff East and Eric Pennington explain what does “recognizing patterns” mean? Understanding “if this happens…I do that.” In other words, how you respond to situations. Neural pathways are created when you react the same way, time after time. These pathways can be re-written – but don’t get … Continue reading Recognizing Patterns

Enhancing Emotional Literacy

In this episode of The Spirit of EQ, Jeff East and Eric Pennington explain emotional literacy. Our emotions are chemical. When you are confronted, your body dumps chemicals into your brain. These chemicals get you ready for fight, flight, freeze or flock. The job of the emotion is to give you information. But our emotions … Continue reading Enhancing Emotional Literacy

Intro Episode

Welcome to the intro episode of the Spirit of EQ Podcast, with your hosts Jeff East and Eric Pennington.  In each episode, Jeff and Eric will talk about what emotional intelligence, or understanding your emotions, can do for you in your daily and work life. For more information, contact Jeff at, or go to … Continue reading Intro Episode