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38 – Special Guest Andy Frank

Andy Frank will be joining with us to talk about technology, instruction and managing the home life in the era of COVID-19. We discuss some of the things that influenced his decision to move from instruction back into software engineering development. I have to know that we’re impacting and changing lives. That’s what really motivates … Continue reading 38 – Special Guest Andy Frank

36 – Under Pressure Pt 2

We hope you got the chance to listen to part 1 of our Under Pressure podcasts.  If not, head here. Let’s talk a little bit about circumstances. 2020 has been a year of circumstances, most out of our control.  But how do we approach handling this with EQ? We need to look at the circumstances … Continue reading 36 – Under Pressure Pt 2

35 – Under Pressure Pt 1

Who isn’t under pressure right now, during the midst of a world pandemic? On top of our normal life pressures. In this episode, we consider what does it mean to be under pressure. Is there good to come from it? Can we leverage it? We mention to check out our earlier episodes on the competencies.  … Continue reading 35 – Under Pressure Pt 1

33 – The Future of Work with Special Guest Holly Custard, PhD

Holly Custard is deputy director of institute partnerships and outreach at the Strada Institute for the Future of Work, where she engages with stakeholders to raise awareness and inspire action through the Institute’s research and insights. Her work focuses on fostering the development of infrastructure that supports robust, connected and purposeful learning and career outcomes. … Continue reading 33 – The Future of Work with Special Guest Holly Custard, PhD

Spirit of EQ – How Well Do You Know Yourself

How Well Do You Know Yourself Eric: So today we’re going to be looking at how well do you know yourself. Now there’s a part of me that says that’s really, really important and I think there may be some things that our listeners are going to learn that maybe are not so obvious in … Continue reading Spirit of EQ – How Well Do You Know Yourself

6 – Engaging Intrinsic Motivation

Jeff and Eric discuss engaging intrinsic motivation, the motivation that comes from within you, within who you are. Most people are driven by extrinsic motivation. It’s more powerful, but it’s not the most important. Jeff talks about two high-profile examples, NBA star LeBron James and Neil Peart, from the band Rush. In each episode, Jeff … Continue reading 6 – Engaging Intrinsic Motivation