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33 – The Future of Work with Special Guest Holly Custard, PhD

Holly Custard is deputy director of institute partnerships and outreach at the Strada Institute for the Future of Work, where she engages with stakeholders to raise awareness and inspire action through the Institute’s research and insights. Her work focuses on fostering the development of infrastructure that supports robust, connected and purposeful learning and career outcomes. … Continue reading 33 – The Future of Work with Special Guest Holly Custard, PhD

30 – Jeremy Jensen, Dubuque Police Department

Jeremy Jensen is the Assistant Chief of Police of the Dubuque Police Department. He has been in law enforcement for 28 years and has spent the last 25 years in Dubuque, where he has worked in patrol, traffic, criminal investigations, tactical operations, community policing, training, and internal affairs. He currently leads department operations and is … Continue reading 30 – Jeremy Jensen, Dubuque Police Department

16 – The Myth Of Perfection

What we want to talk about in this episode is “perfection.” We’re not talking about trying to be good, to try to be the best, doing the best job. What we’re talking going to talk about today is what happens when it’s not perfect, when you don’t make the perfect decision or complete the task … Continue reading 16 – The Myth Of Perfection

Spirit of EQ – How Well Do You Know Yourself

How Well Do You Know Yourself Eric: So today we’re going to be looking at how well do you know yourself. Now there’s a part of me that says that’s really, really important and I think there may be some things that our listeners are going to learn that maybe are not so obvious in … Continue reading Spirit of EQ – How Well Do You Know Yourself

12 – How To Cope With Feelings Of Failure

Knowing that we have failed spectacularly can leave us feeling devastated.  In this episode, Jeff and Eric cover some ways to come to grips with our thoughts on failure.  This episode isn’t so much about actions to take when you have experienced a failure, but more to do with the feelings you might be dealing … Continue reading 12 – How To Cope With Feelings Of Failure

5- Exercising Optimism

Jeff and Eric discuss exercising optimism, taking a proactive perspective of hope and possibilities. Being proactive. And your perspective includes hope and possibilities. Being an optimist is not really complicated. You just need to be honest with yourself in each situation. When you learn how to be optimistic, you have a little bit more ownership, or … Continue reading 5- Exercising Optimism

1- Enhancing Emotional Literacy

What is emotional literacy? Our emotions are chemical. When you are confronted, your body dumps chemicals into your brain. These chemicals get you ready for fight, flight, freeze or flock. The job of the emotion is to give you information. But our emotions are neutral – it’s what you do with those emotions that causes … Continue reading 1- Enhancing Emotional Literacy