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Spirit of EQ – How EQ Can Change Your Life

Eric Pennington Hello, everyone. This is Eric Pennington with the spirit of EQ. And welcome to the spirit of EQ podcast. Today’s episode is how EQ can change your life. Joining me as always, is Jeff East with the spirit of EQ. Hi, Jeff, Jeff East how are you? Hi, Eric and all our listeners. … Continue reading Spirit of EQ – How EQ Can Change Your Life

27 – How EQ Can Change Your Life

Happy New Year!  And to kick off your new year, we are offering $100 off our SEI EQ Assessment, that’s our full emotional intelligence assessment. That also includes a debrief to explaining the assessment. Send us an email.  info@spiritofeq.com Put in the subject line, “podcast offer.” No matter where you call home, we will contact … Continue reading 27 – How EQ Can Change Your Life

6 – Engaging Intrinsic Motivation

Jeff and Eric discuss engaging intrinsic motivation, the motivation that comes from within you, within who you are. Most people are driven by extrinsic motivation. It’s more powerful, but it’s not the most important. Jeff talks about two high-profile examples, NBA star LeBron James and Neil Peart, from the band Rush. In each episode, Jeff … Continue reading 6 – Engaging Intrinsic Motivation

4- Navigating Emotions

Jeff and Eric discuss navigating your emotions, and how you can use this as a strategic resource in recognizing what your emotions do, and what other’s emotions do as well. When you can assess the strength of an emotion, you can then use it as a strategic resource to work toward a better outcome to … Continue reading 4- Navigating Emotions

Spirit of EQ Podcast – Recognizing Patterns

Spirit of EQ Podcast – Recognizing Patterns Eric: Hi everyone, this is Eric with the Spirit Of EQ and today’s podcast is on recognizing patterns. I’m a football fan. I like the OSU Buckeyes. And one big part of football is watching game film. You probably have heard that before. And in game film, you get … Continue reading Spirit of EQ Podcast – Recognizing Patterns

2 – Recognizing Patterns

What does “recognizing patterns” mean? Understanding “if this happens…I do that.” In other words, how you respond to situations. Neural pathways are created when you react the same way, time after time. These pathways can be re-written – but don’t get erased. Here is a link to our episode, Enhancing Emotional Literacy. “Pushing a person’s … Continue reading 2 – Recognizing Patterns